Research for all websites is crucial for any online business plan. You need to know how users search and what keywords you think would bring you the most business opportunities. Are you targeting a local market or global market? As well, as planning your own strategy and interlacing your prospective customer's needs you should also consider the methods of marketing you will use.


SEO Keyword Opportunities

Website design needs to incorporate many elements. It should be appealing to your visitors and should be accessible and simple to use for anybody that opens your site.


In terms of SEO, text based content should be given a prominent position above the code of the page. IF your text doesn't include the terms that users are searching, your not going to get any new visitors.


Implement SEO Coding

In terms of on-page optimization, the content of your site is one of the most important factors. Optimized content should be clear and simple to understand for the benefit of your readers and should incorporate the relevant keywords for that page. Using keyword inflexions and semantically related keywords, as well as introducing header tags and other formatting elements, can help to further improve your search engine results. Fresh content and pages created for keyword searches are critical to your success, so a method of quickly and conveniently adding new website content should be implemented for the best results.


Marketing Mix

A marketing mix is a program or strategy of marketing that incorporates various advertising and marketing techniques.


SEO is certainly one of the more popular forms of online marketing but it is far from being the only viable option. PPC advertising, social media optimization, and text links can also prove highly effective especially when combined into a single marketing mix.


Try to ensure that each page uses relevant marketing techniques so that they lend themselves to SEO, PPC, and any other technique you use without having to alter the page too heavily.


Ranking Report Keyword Tracking

In order to implement successful changes, it is important to benchmark your efforts. There are tools available that will identify how visitors are finding your site, and Ranking tools that will let you know where your site ranks, in terms of keyword searches.


For the new website this means tracking analytics from day one and monitoring the effectiveness of any additions or amendments.


Different techniques work to varying degrees for different website's so there is no one size fits all solution. Please contact us to talk about solutions that can be provided for your new or existing site. We have the tools and experience to help you succeed.