Choosing A Domain Name
Choosing a Domain Name

The price of getting available domain names are inexpensive and it sets your site up for success.

By getting a domain name you are setting your website presence up for success. Your domain name will be unique to your business and not only will you have a website with a unique name but you will have an email address with the same name. Your web identity will always follow you as long as you continue to use the name, so choose wisely. Some companies still use email addresses like or as their business email address. In order to promote your business your email addresses should be not only will it be easier for your customers to remember, but it also will promote your website.

The three primary extensions for domain names are .com, .net and .org. Most people associate websites as .com. So, when deciding your domain name look for .com first. If you are lucky enough to find a good name the others extensions are usually available also. Purchase all three extensions .com, .net, and .org. The reason for purchasing all three is that you want branding for your website name and you know no other company can come in as competitors and use your success to their advantage.

The smaller the better, when people associate a domain name to a company the fewer letter to type the higher change you will have for them to remember name and not misspell it.

Your name should be either related with your business goods or be related to your business name. If you can get your company name that is always best, but hard to do. As a last resort, if you have to have a specific domain name take a shot at making an offer to the current owner. People have made a habit of squatting on domain name. The process is easy to find out who owns it. First, look up the domain name from the whois lookup, most time their phone number is located their give them a call and see if they would be willing to sell it off.